Who We Are

ALGOMATIX-RT is launched by STROBUS InfoSoft to address the lack of trustworthy automated trading software available for retail traders, and to leverage the same technology being used by big institutions. STROBUS INFOSOFT is a financial technology company providing solutions fluent in both business and technology focusing investment banking and capital markets domain.

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What We Do

We provide fully-featured algo-trading strategies platform that operates systematically and unemotionally each day, along with solutions and services for investment banking technology. Our trading algorithms have a history of consistent performance. We deliver the utmost reliability and frequently release new indicators for our platform. We are a team of trading technology strategists, business analysts and digital experts. We transform trading using the art of digitization.



Our Mission

The market is continuously evolving. So should the way you trade! We bring together technology and innovation to build the data-driven and unemotional algo-trading system for the millennial investors to achieve superior results and reach their financial goals.

How It Works

More than 70% of volume in the overall financial markets is traded algorithmically by the big institutions. Leverage the same technology to take control of your own trading to achieve your financial goals. Our fully automated trading strategy system, ALGOMATIX-RT - the systematic, un-emotional, stress-free and data-driven algo-trading strategies platform handles all the heavy lifting so that you can stop managing trades and start looking for new opportunities.

ALGOMATIX-RT can be easily integrated with your trading platform through APIs in less than 5 minutes once you receive API Key and Security Key from your broker.

Step 1

Create your strategies by selecting few parameters like stocks, profit, stop-loss and indicators. We have more than 50 technical indicators to create strategies.


Step 2

Quickly visualize how each parameter affects your trading results by using the powerful strategy analyzer. Fine tune your strategies to match your trading style and risk tolerance. We let you alter every parameter without any restrictions. You can deploy multiple strategies at a time and generate order and trades for your implemented strategies.

Step 3

Test your strategies trade in simulation for a few sessions to validate trade executions and build trust. When you are ready to trade, simply fund your trading account and let our strategies do the heavy lifting. You can check all actions and live positions as you trade - both in AlgomatixRT and also in your trading platform (like Zerodha).


Why Choose Us

Easy-to-manage simple-to-complex strategies and indicators based on High Performance Computing technology.

Simple and intuitive interfaces, so that customers can easily turn strategies into live trading.

Create your own strategies. Built with fully automated and customizable strategies.

C601, Gokul Monarch, Thakur Complex, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101